about me

I’m Rachael. This is my roller derby home. I hide over here when I want to escape from the real world. Here’s a bit about me:


I grew up in Scotland and went to five different primary schools, including one in Melbourne, Australia for a while. Then I came home, lived near Edinburgh, and went to university in Northern Ireland. Since then I’ve worked as a commis chef in Germany, (where I set myself on fire making pasta), been a hotel chambermaid on the Isle of Skye, worked on a strawberry farm, run a stable yard, managed an Arabian stud farm, worked at a vets, worked for a national newspaper, run a marathon, and answered questions for a living. All of which have given me a terrible CV but lots to write about.

I’ve lived on a Scottish island in a house belonging to the Marquess of Bute, in a cottage on Lord Mountbatten’s country estate in Essex, goodness knows how many other places in the UK. I’ve recently left the pretty village in Buckinghamshire after which the blog was named for a new life by the sea.

We (my partner, our six children and various animals) now live in Southport, a beautiful Victorian seaside resort in the North West of England.


We have sunsets and an apple tree in the garden and the town smells of vinegary chips and candy floss. I wake in the morning to the sound of seagulls. It’s beautiful.


If you want to get in touch, you can email me here
or leave a comment here below, or say hello on one of the posts I’ve written. I love hearing from you!

Working with me:

Mail me if you’re interested in hiring me to write, talk, or help with your social media. I’ve got loads of experience in blogging, twitter (current Klout score 65 last time I checked) and can bring a sense of humour and fun and professionalism to your business twitter account. I’ve spoken at a major UK blogging conference about blogs and writing and I’m available to talk about blogging, writing, and of course roller derby any time you like.

If you’d like to read more about my writing (my first novel is written, book no2 is planned, and the characters for book no3 are jumping about, waiting to get on a page) have a look at the Tales from the Village writing page where you can find out more.



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