the ouch diary

Might not be more than a record of what I’m doing every day but I think I need somewhere to keep this stuff, so I’ve set up a new category on here called ‘derby hurts’. It might be handy for other ailing roller derby people when they break their ankles. I know I was googling madly as soon as it happened.

On the way to the loo this morning I did a little bit of something. It’s really hard when you’re used to doing exercise to suddenly do nothing.

10 wall press ups
10 one-legged squats
10 backwards leg raising glute thingies (I’m sure they have a name)

I’m going to try and do some more this afternoon. It’ll be easier when I’ve had the bones pinned back together but in the meantime these were just to keep me from going insane. And they were bloody hard work.

Can’t believe I passed mins, was all set for tryouts for the B team, was working SO hard on fitness and skills and this happened. Stupid ankle.

Anyway here are my exciting things for today. When I say exciting, I mean they’re what we call Derby Exciting around here (which is the best kind), as opposed to Normal Exciting (you know like kittens and flowers and a new series of something exciting on television).

Thing one: KNEE SCOOTERS. Who knew. Look at this. Once I’m post-op, and have my proper cast on, I can scootle around with a little basket and go to the shops and buy stuff. Or at least make dinner and do something constructive.

Thing two: Tell the derby world you’ve broken yourself and you make a whole new gang of friends who’re in the same boat. It’s like a secret club.

Thing three: I had a shower. GO ME. I am clean and shiny and smell of butterflies and happy things. Previous to this I smelled of hospitals and manky old shoes and grub.


5 thoughts on “the ouch diary

  1. oh no feel better! I had a very similar injury right at the end of meat camp, and spend a lot of time rolling around on a knee scooter. I work in a library so I used to scoot around with books in my basket to bring to patrons. It is worlds better than crutches if only for the fact that you can transport food from the kitchen to your couch without spilling it everywhere. And ride it down hills.

    • *waves*

      Yeah, I followed in Frak’s footsteps about a year later. Luckily, no one else was using the knee scooter that has made the rounds of our league and I got to use it. Because putting food in a plastic container and kicking it to the couch is not the best way to get dinner.

  2. I’m just over 10 weeks after I broke my ankle (two days off crutches!) and I’m still googling broken ankles to make sure that my rehab is progressing fine and see what others have experienced who are further along.

  3. I also had just made B team when this happened. If I’d been a seasoned pro, I’d be more confident about returning. But, since they’veeincreased the mins while I was out, and I was not that confident before about passing the old ones, I’m now really unsure when or if I’ll be back.

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